Connection characteristics

The connection to Salesforce can take place directly through the API of Salesforce or with the intervention of a party like Mulesoft. For example, by connecting leads, accounts, opportunities and cases to DMS data, a very comprehensive picture of your customers is created, more comprehensive than is possible in either system. The two-way communication makes it possible for all systems to run synchronously.

The link is very interesting for online marketing applications, but is additionally often used in conjunction with the WEBSOLVE Lead Management System. The LMS then acts as a portal for the qualification of leads before they are sent to Salesforce. Follow-up can be done very efficiently by cleverly combining data from different sources.


  • Real-time connection with the API of Salesforce
  • Write data directly to Salesforce
  • Quick to set up, maintenance included
  • Direct link or via third party

Data uitlezen

Use data directly for marketing applications.

Writing data

All relevant data directly in Salesforce.

Support your sales

Use the data directly in your online marketing.

Combining data

Combine the data seamlessly with other sources such as your DMS.