From inquiry to sales advisor within 1 minute.


Many data sources make one clear lead.


A salesperson should be selling.


Managers always have an overview of the progress of all leads.

Lead Management

No more 'lost leads' due to a bad internal process. Thanks to our years of experience in the automotive industry, we have developed a lead management system that is specifically focused on tracking and qualifying leads within dealerships.

Connections with all relevant lead sources and internal systems (DMS / CRM) provide a central place where all leads come in. Customizable rules ensure that leads are automatically and correctly distributed among your employees, in a way that fits within your organization. A simple but very complete interface ensures that leads are quickly picked up and can be tracked. Much faster and better than your competition probably does.

  • Lead management with a focus on automotive
  • All relevant lead sources linked (300+ platforms)
  • Information from your DMS / CRM directly visible in the lead
  • Distribution of leads within your organization based on rules