Your database in the center

Data enrichment and improvement, directly in your own system.

Smart connections

Connections with multiple (external) systems ensure the best results.

Custom reports

Reports reveal problems and help solve them.

Employee notifications

Inform your employees on a daily basis about opportunities for improvement.

Quality Improvement

With the ‘quality improvement‘ solution, you can be sure that you are laying the foundation for a level of digital customer communication that your customers expect from you.

Ultimately, it's about ensuring that the knowledge about your customers and their vehicles is captured as accurately as possible and that it contains as few errors as possible. This solution continuously analyzes your data, adds information from external sources and informs your employees of opportunities to improve data quality, for example just before your customers visit your showroom or workshop.

  • Easy to deploy, many improvements available immediately
  • Optionally deploy your own custom improvements
  • Once set, the improvements process is continuous
  • Intelligent notifications at the right time
  • Dashboard that makes the improvements visible