Respect privacy

Helps you comply with obligations under the AVG (GDPR).

Quick contact

The portal knows the driver and shows contact details of the location.

Schedule appointments

Let customers make appointments in the workshop quickly and in real time.

100% CI compliant

Can be carried out completely in your unique style.

Customer Portal

The WEBSOLVE customer portal provides your customers with an online environment where they can manage their personal and vehicle data and control their privacy settings.

In addition, the portal also offers opportunities for marketing purposes and making service appointments. Drivers enter the customer portal via direct links in automatic messages and email campaigns. A login based on customer number and license plate is also available.

  • Make an appointment in the workshop quickly and easily
  • Automatic analysis and pre-selection of vehicle needs
  • In any desired style, completely in line with your identity
  • Customers are informed about data processing
  • Let customers manage their own consents
  • Have changes in customer data also processed in the DMS
  • Connections with PlanIT available