Combine data

Discover new touchpoints by merging resources.

25+ triggers

A wide range of standard messages for every imaginable moment.

Responsive emails

Beautiful messages that scale on both large and small screens.


Now also possible to send messages via WhatsApp.

Automatic Messages

During the so-called 'customer journey', many moments can be identified when a small message can be of great added value in either the relationship with a customer in the context of a certain process or the use of a commercial opportunity that is available at exactly that moment.

WEBSOLVE's automatic message solution has been developed to make the most of such moments. Customer data, contact moments and workshop planning in your digital ecosystem (including DMS / CRM / RDW) are analyzed and, based on this, fully automatic personalized messages are sent via e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp.

The solution offers a large number of standard triggers at which messages are sent, but it is also possible to prepare customized messages based on your specific needs.

In the extensive management environment, you are in control, you determine which messages are sent, what their content is and you analyze how many messages have been sent and how conversions are developing.

  • Stay top-of-mind with your customers
  • Automated, always a beautiful and accurate message
  • Let customers land in your customer portal
  • GDPR compliant: establishing the legal basis per message
  • In any desired style, completely in line with your identity