Artificial intelligence analyzes your data.

High Quality

Existing customers convert easier.

Always leads

Absorbs dips in 'organic' requests.


Set your own criteria, if desired.


The sales organization of a dealership is almost always focused on external events. Only when a customer indicates that they want something, they take action. That is a shame because based on the available data, a dealer should already know what the customer wants and when.

The Leadbooster makes this possible. Algorithms examine your historical data and determine when a new sales opportunity may arise. Instead of waiting for the customer to take action themselves (possibly with a competitor!), you can take action yourself and surprise the customer with your proactive customer-friendliness. You could not wish for a better start to a sales process!

  • Works for you without you having to do anything
  • Self-learning algorithms ensure better leads
  • Turn your reactive salespeople into proactive advisors
  • Increase satisfaction and loyalty by surprising customers