WEBSOLVE’s mission is to help automotive dealers exceed the ever growing expectation customers have in the area of digital communication. WEBSOLVE was founded in 2000 and has been focussing exclusively on (premium) automotive companies since 2012.

It is our vision that when customers receive the right message from their dealer at the right moment, they will be more satisfied, more loyal and will generate more revenue. We call this: data driven customer engagement. And since we also eliminate a lot of manual processes, there are significant savings because of increased efficiency as well.

This is why, day-in day-out, the specialists at WEBSOLVE are working hard to integrate systems and to optimize processes in the area of customer communication, always putting the end customer first in doing so. After all, the most added value is generated by a satisfied customer that keeps on coming back.

Core values

The WEBSOLVE organisation can be described through the following core values:

  • Honest
  • Critical
  • Smart
  • Responsible


All solutions offered by WEBSOLVE can be used independantly. However, combining different solutions creates additional added value because all solutions work together in order to offer optimal synergies. This way we can offer added value during the different phases of any customer journey.

Our solutions provide connections with Dealer Managegement Systems (DMS), Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) and other (publicly) available data sources. This data is then 'turbocharged' using intelligent web technology. This way, WEBSOLVE is improving the quality and integrity of existing data, makes this data more accessible and manageable and offers smart solutions that optimally accompany any customer journey. Finally, WEBSOLVE is sending back new and better data to the DMS or CRM.

Compliance / data security

Security of (personal) data is one of WEBSOLVE’s top priorities. As of december 2020, WEBSOLVE has been ISO 27001:2017 certified by TÜV The Netherlands. We process data in accordance with a GDPR data processing agreement. In addition, our solutions contain extensive features which help dealers to comply with the GDPR leglislation themselves.

All data is stored within a dedicated database-instance so that your and your customer’s data is always physically separated from other clients. Our servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Frankfurt in order to garantuee optimal quality and availability of our solutions. For certifications held by AWS you can visit this page: aws.amazon.com/compliance/programs.

People, Planet, Profit

At WEBSOLVE, we are dedicated to creating a sustainable future that encompasses the well-being of individuals, the health of our planet, and responsible profitability. Read our full 'People, Planet, Profit' statement for more information.