Automatic chats

Start chats based on automatic message triggers.

Perfect timing

Always in touch with your customer at the right time.


Customers are pleasantly surprised that you communicate via WhatsApp.

Cost saving

Save a lot of time because you receive fewer phone calls.

WhatsApp Messaging

The automatic messages solution makes it possible to send a message during the customer journey that can be of great value at that moment with regard to the relationship with a customer, having a process run smoothly or to benefit from a commercial opportunity.

Traditionally, such messages were sent via e-mail or SMS, but now it is also possible to use WhatsApp as a channel for this. WEBSOLVE connects to all major chat platforms and is able to start chats with your customers automatically.

Think, for example, of reminders regarding an upcoming workshop visit, notifications when a vehicle is ready in the workshop or if a MOT expiry date is getting close.

If the customer responds to your chat, you can let your customer contact center continue the conversation via the chat partner's platform. Naturally, the history of chats is written back as a contact moment in your DMS or CRM.

  • A modern, fast way to communicate with your customer
  • Conversations are started fully automatically
  • Revenue increasing: customers expand work orders via chat
  • Save time and money by reducing the number of calls