Connection characteristics

WEBSOLVE facilitates two-way communication with the DMS. All information available in the DMS, we can unlock. We use this information for the various solutions that WEBSOLVE offers, but we also make it available in the API that can be used by your other suppliers. Besides reading, we can also write to the DMS.

The connection is lightning fast and real-time. For example, you can use the link and automatic messages to send appointment confirmations directly after a work order was created in the DMS, create a new customer from the WEBSOLVE Lead Management System or enrich vehicle data with data from other sources.


  • Real-time link with all data in the DMS
  • Writing CRM data in the DMS
  • Quick to set up, maintenance included
  • Writing to DMS easy to manage and control
  • Improve data yourself with import batches

Reading data

If it's in the DMS, we can read it.

Writing data

Easily create and edit CRM records.

Enrichting data

Automated or manual in batches, it's all possible.

Combining data

Combine Autoline data seamlessly with other sources such as Salesforce.