Quotes with a premium feel in an instant: WEBSOLVE introduces Quoto



With WEBSOLVE Quoto, we aim for a complete digitization of the quotation process. From our lead manager, you can create a stunning quotation within seconds, displayed digitally and interactively in any browser. And yes, that's right down to the online digital signature.

We are happy to introduce a new WEBSOLVE product, conceived not from a supplier role, but from our own experience as consumers. Because for us, too, there is sometimes a need for fleet refreshment. What we were missing in our search was a nice digital offer, where we could browse through the photos of our much desired vehicle again without being distracted. Now, that's what we built, and called Quoto.

Comprehensive and personalized
Your customer sees the quote in the browser, and can easily and quickly browse through the various sections. Display on mobile has been prioritized here. The vehicle of interest is displayed in your corporate style, with extensive option lists and the photos from the advertisement. If applicable, the trade-in vehicle is also shown in detail, where we can even make a price proposal. Of course, the numbers are then displayed in a clear overview. For the vehicles, but also any accessories or delivery costs. Then there is the possibility to offer additional services; for example, extended warranty, insurance or roadside assistance. With the automatically placed picture of the sales advisor, it also becomes a personalized offer, shareable with friends and family, where your company stands out, and not your competitors' stock.

Easy due to connections
Quoto not only looks good, it's also very easy to use. With extensive connections to the packages already used by your company, anyone can create a quote in no time. By connecting to the vehicle inventory management system, we can instantly show photos, options and other features with the vehicle of interest. By seamlessly connecting on WEBSOLVE Lead Management, you can start a quote directly from a lead, where of course we use all known data to fill out the quote already as much as possible. We also connect onto appraisal packages, allowing the result of an online appraisal to be loaded directly into the quote.

We can hardly imagine it, but if more ammunition is needed to convince you, here's something else: Open quotations can be followed up automatically, and marketing actions can be started on created quotations. A powerful combination with WEBSOLVE Flows. In addition, it saves a lot of paperwork.

If you want to know more about WEBSOLVE Quoto, see a demo, or have a question about another product, please contact us directly.