New data connection: Dealer Banden Beheer



WEBSOLVE has a new connection. We are now able to communicate with 'Dealer Banden Beheer' from our friends at Direct Access, and we have added this data source to the much loved WEBSOLVE Service Forecast. By doing this, we’ve created a must-have and easy-to-use upsell possibility for our Dutch clients.

One might say that the Netherlands don’t face true winters, but since Dutchies do like to go skiing in winter, seasonal tyres are still the preferred and mandatory way to go for a lot of drivers. Of course, tyres don’t change themselves, and a bit of planning might be handy, so here’s where WEBSOLVE chips in.

Based on this new data source, we can invite drivers to have their vehicle's tyres changed and we are able to display the currently stored set at Dealer Banden Beheer in our Service Forecast. This includes the actual tread depths. By including this, making a thoroughly planned appointment with your customer is easier than ever. Not only can you advise to change tyres based on weather and seasonal conditions, it’s also a great way to advise on the wear and tear state before your customer has even entered your building.

The customer is also able to take a quick peak at the current state of the stored set in the Customer Portal. In an easy to understand visual view it leaves no doubt whether an appointment is necessary. The more understanding, the easier the upsell.

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