Marketing automation for Service Contracts for BMW NL dealers



WEBSOLVE now offers BMW and MINI dealerships in The Netherlands a new and easy way to extend and expand the relationship with their valued drivers: The WEBSOLVE Service Messages now include the possibility to send out a personalized message based on the due date of the "Service Inclusive" maintenance packages offered by BMW and MINI.

And it goes beyond just the service messages. The Service Inclusive due date also is a feature of the WEBSOLVE-developed Service Forecast. This forecast is a very convenient tool for the workshop planner, but also an interesting part of the Customer Portal and may be included in all service messages. This means that both the customer and the dealership will always have a clear view on when it’s time to renew the contract.

Bart Baaten, managing director at WEBSOLVE: "We are able to convert the large amount of data offered by BMW Group into easy-to-use and valuable aftersales lead tools. These tools not only help dealers in their aftersales processes but also enhance the premium feeling experienced by our clients' customers."

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