Centralizing leads for BMW Belgium and Luxembourg



To be able to successfully follow up leads in larger organizations, using a centralized system is paramount. Only then it's possible to make sure that leads are followed up consistently and in time. A connection to existing CRM data ensures that the workflow is as easy as possible for salespersons and prevents unnecessary duplication of data.

However, all of this is of little use when some leads are still followed up the 'old-fashioned way' because they don't end up in this centralized system. And that is exactly the problem that WEBSOLVE solved for BMW Belux.

Ben De Weerdt, Operational Retail CRM Manager at BMW Belux: "With WEBSOLVE Lead Management, we are able to receive leads not only from NSC-sources but also from used car portals, dealer websites, and other sources directly into our lead management system. This improves the efficiency and quality of our follow ups significantly."

Are you also looking for a first in class lead management system and a full coverage of all leads? Feel free to contact us for more information.

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