Service Messaging for Mercedes-Benz Dealer Bedrijven



Today, we can proudly announce that Mercedes-Benz Dealer Bedrijven (MBDB) has started using WEBSOLVE Service Messages. WEBSOLVE Service Messages sends automated but highly personalized messages to customers to inform them about important events in the sales or aftersales process.

This ‘right message at the right time’ has proven to be key in retaining customers in the long run. An important KPI for future-oriented dealerships.

Robin Smit, marketing manager at MBDB: “With WEBSOLVE Service Messages we know that we will be able to further develop and perfect our customer journey. We are confident that the solutions WEBSOLVE offers, will improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition to the superior functionality, also the fact that WEBSOLVE is ISO 27001 certified and their commitment to GDPR compliance, was a very important reason for us to choose for WEBSOLVE.”

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