Introducing: the Service Forecast



In the past months, our team has been working on a big innovation in aftersales marketing: the Service Forecast. With this new tool, our clients can inform their customers even better on the upcoming service needs of their vehicles. This leads to a higher customer satisfaction, higher revenues and higher retention rates.

Implementing the Service Forecast starts with connecting all available data. This data ranges from DMS data to dynamically generated status data from the vehicle itself. We analyze and combine this data to create a comprehensive overview of the service needs.

Once we’ve determined that the vehicle needs maintenance, we send out a message to the owner via email, WhatsApp or SMS. The customer will receive this message along with a visual representation of the data. Integrations with planner software ensures easy conversion and that the correct amount of time is reserved for the appointment.

Are you interested in implementing the Service Forecast for your dealership(s), let us know. We’d be happy to help you.

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